The Anti-Union Campaign

When workers express interest in forming a union, it’s a pretty safe bet their employer is going to start spending crazy amounts of money on an anti-union campaign. Sadly, the first thing they will probably do is go out and hire an overpriced anti-union law firm that has never met you and knows nothing about you. Despite this, they’ll try and convince you it’s in your best interest to keep things just the way they are. Then come the lies, misleading statements and smear tactics. It’s the playbook almost every company resorts to when they see their employees standing together for a better life. The bottom line is management’s anti-union campaign is meant to create a lot of noise and distract you from the real reason you are joining together in a union—there are problems at your worksite that only a union negotiated contract can fix. Below is more information on what you can expect from the anti-union campaign.